İngilizce 7.sınıf 1.dönem 3.yazılı soruları

A) Circle the correct answer (10)

1-I like comedy programmes ________ I don’t like sports programmes.
a)but b)because c) or d) and

2-Jane ________ ________ sit-coms to listening to music
a) prefer / watching b) prefers / watch c) prefers / watching d) prefer / watch

B) Answer the questions with your own sentences. (15)

1-How much time do you spend on watching TV?

2- What is your favorite TV programme? Why? When is it on?

3-How often do you watch series?

C) Put in to correct order. (5)

watch / I / tv / on / always / documentaries /

D)Complete the sentences with the correct answer or your own words. (15)

1- I prefer drinking coffee ____________ drinking tea.

a) of b) so c) but d) to

2- Our teacher thinks we should __________________________.

a) play football everyday b) study hard c) smoke cigarette d)play computer games

3- My grandfather prefers ____________ to the cinema to watching a DVD.

A) go b)going c)to go d)went

E) Answer the questions according to the passage. (25)

Rhinoceroses are 850-3500 kg mammals. Their shoulder height is 2 meter. You can see them in south Africa, Nepal and in the USA. They eat leafy material. They are the prey of big cats, crocodiles and wild dogs.These animals can kill rhinoceroses easily. Humans also kill them because their horns have keratin. Humans use keratin for medicine. It is very expensive. Rhinoceroses are endangered animals, but they are not extinct, yet. So, we should protect rhinoceroses.

1-How much does a rhinoceros weigh?

2-Where can you see rhinoceroses?

3-Why do people kill rhinoceroses?

4-Are rhinoceroses endangered or extinct animals?

5-What should we do?

F) Write the Turkish meanings of the words (30)

shelter _______________ domesticated _______________ reptile _______________

cage _______________ forest _______________ exciting _______________

deer _______________ tiger _______________ lion _______________

discover _______________ punctual _______________

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