ingilizce 10.sınıf 1.dönem 1.yazılı soruları 2016-2017


A)Fill in the blanks with Simple Present Tense.(Boşlukları Geniş Zamana göre doldurun.) 30 points
1. I (help) my mother every day. 2.Tarık (fly) to Amsterdam every year
3. My mother and I ( clean) the house everyday.
4. She (wash) her dog every two weeks. 5.The water (freeze) at 0° Celsius.
6. Melis (not sing) under the shower.
7. I (not like) tomato soup.
8. We (not swim) in the river.
9. Demet and Deniz ( not sleep) late.
10. Metin (not brush) his teeth twice a day.
11. you (drink) coffee with milk?
12. she (eat) hamburgers?
13. we (play) football ?
14. Mehtap (return) home early?
15. Kemal and Kerim ( have) dinner together?

B) Read the text and answer the questions.(4*5=20 points)
Jessie is 13 and she is in the 8th grade. She is a student at Appleton High School. It is in New York. There are 3000 students and 230 teachers. Jessie’s lessons are from 08:25 to 14:35. She has got eight subjects. Her favourite subject is Maths. She is good at French. She is a member of French Club. Jessie loves her school. Her school is new and modern. The classrooms are big and there is a gymnasium. The canteen is very spacious and tidy.
Steve is 12 and he is in the 7th grade. He is a student at Queen Victoria School. It is an old school in London. There are 2200 students and 200 teachers. His lessons are from 09:00 to 16:30. He has got nine subjects. Physical Education is his favourite subject.
1. How old is Jessie?
2. How many students are there in Jessie’s school?
3. What is Jessie’s favourite subject?
4. What are the classrooms like in her school?
5. What is Steve’s school’s name?

C)Write the hobbies shown in the photos. (Fotoğraflarda gösterilen hobileri yazın.) 5 points
do woodwork play a musical instrument do calligraphy take photos do paper marbling

1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Introduce Stefan considering the information below. (Aşağıdaki bilgilere göre Stefan’ı tanıtın) 26 points

Name: Stefan Surname: Salvatore Age: 38
Conutry: the USA Nationality: American Job: pilot
Place of work: on an airplane Languages: English, French and Spanish Marital Status: married
Family: two sons and a daughter
Free time: shopping and going to the theatre
Phone number: 1 310 646 5258
E-mail address:


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