10. sınıf ingilizce 2. dönem 1. yazılı soruları

2016- 2017 Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

10th Grades 2nd Term 1st Written English Exam

Name / Surname :                                        Point:


A  Answer the questions according to paragraph . (5*3=15 pts)

The richest woman in the UK is now Joanne Kathleen Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books. She was born on 31st July 1965 and started writing when she was six years old. Her favorite subjects were English and Modern Languages. After school she studied French at Exeter University and she later became a secretary. But, she didn´t enjoy her life as a secretary. When she was 26 she left the UK to teach English in Portugal. She met and married a journalist, Mr Rowling. In 1993 their daughter, Jessica, was born. However, their marriage ended in divorce and Mr  Rowling moved to Edinburgh. It was during this period that she started her first Harry Potter novel, which she wrote in a café while her daughter was sleeping. She published Harry Potter in 1997 and in the same year she won one of the most important book awards in Britain. Since then millions of people have read her books in many different languages, and millions have seen the Harry Potter films. Now, Harry Potter is possibly the most famous boy in the world.

  • When was Joanne Kathleen Rowling born? _____________________________________
  • What did she do when she was six years old? _____________________________________
  • What were her favorite subjects at school? _____________________________________
  • What was Joanne Kathleen Rowling famous for? _____________________________________
  • Where did she start to write Harry Potter? _____________________________________C  Fill in the blanks with “ used to, didn’t use to, Did you use to ”. (5*3=15 pts)
    1. When Haşim was young, he ______________________ play tennis 5 days a week
    2. Merve ______________________ speak English last year but this year she can.
    3. ______________________ play tennis before coming this school?
    4. Meryem’s father ______________________ have a car last year but he has just bought one.
    5. Muhammed Ç. ______________________ watch horror when he was kid, he hated it.


    D  Fill in the sentences with the correct form of “be going to”. (5*2=10 pts)   

    1. Eren _______________________ go to home on foot because he didn’t bring the car today.
    2. Yunus _______________________ pass the exam because he didn’t study for the exam.
    3. Döndü _______________________ be a teacher in the future.
    4. _____ Gülfidan __________________ stop talking loud?
    5. If Abdullah goes after his talents, he _______________________ to be regretful.

     E Fill the blanks with “was, were, wasn’t weren’t(5*2=10 pts)

    • Beyza _____________ a successful student at middle school. She always studied hard.
    • Muhammed O. and İlkay _____________ happy yesterday because after the school they went to picnic together.
    • _____________ Deniz happy yesterday in Ahmed teacher’s birthday?
    • _____________ you that hungry, you ate all the cake yourself?
    • 10A class students _____________ very kind yesterday.


    Put the dialogue into the correct order. (5*3=15 pts)

    _____ Shopping assistant: Sure. What color would you like?

    __1__ Shopping assistant: Excuse me, what can l do for you?

    _____ Shopping assistant: it’s £30.

    _____ Customer : I’m looking a jacket over there.

    __7__ Shopping assistant: You’re welcome.

    _____ Customer: Blue, please. How much is it?

    _____ Customer: I’m afraid. It’s too expensive. Thanks.

     G Complete the sentences using Simple Past Tense. (5*2=10 pts)

    Last summer, The Jackson family 1. ____________ (go) to Turkey. Their trip 2. ____________ (be) fantastic. They 3. ____________(eat) Turkish food and 4. ____________ (take) a lot of photos. They 5.____________ (have) very good time in their holiday.

    1. Write 5 sentences using “should, shouldn’t, must, mustn’t”. (5*2=10 pts)
    2. ______________________________
    3. _______________________________
    4. ________________________________
    5. _______________________________

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