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GRADE: ……/100
A) Read the passage and answer the questions True (T) or False (F) (4×5=20 points)

The world’s tallest man married a woman who is twenty-five years younger than he is – and much shorter. BaoXishun, who is 2.36 meter tall, married Xia Shujian, 1.70 meter. Bao, who comes from Inner Mongolia, became famous when he appeared in the Guinne.ss Book of Records as the world’s tallest man in 2006. Before that Bao was very shy. He didn’t go out much and he didn’t have a girlfriend. He worked in a restaurant, but he didn’t make much money. But when he became famous Bao started to earn good money doing advertisements. He decided to look for a wife. He advertised all over the word, but fell in love with a saleswoman from his home town, Xia. After just one month, Xia and Bao got married.

(T) (F) BaoXishun looked all over the world for a wife.
(T) (F) Bao had many girlfriends before he came famous.
(T) (F) Bao asked Xia to marry him four weeks after they met.
(T) (F) Bao earned a lot of money doing advertisements.
(T) (F) Xia is from Bao’s home town.

B) Put the verbs into the correct form of present simple or present continuous tense. (1×10=10p)

1. I ____________________ (not / understand) why she___________________ (cry) for this bad friend.
2. My father _________________ (check) his Facebook accountfive times a day, but at the moment he ________________ (read) a newspaper.
3. Why _________________ (you /cook) those carrots? You _______________ (know) Roy eats only raw vegetables.
4. Well, I ________________ (not/like) kebab but I _____________________ (taste) it.
5. Look! A man _____________________ (run) after the bus. He ______________________ (want) to catch it.
C) Complete the sentences with the correct “Wh-“ question. Two words are extra. (2×5= 10 p)

Where When What Why How Who Whose

1. ______________are they standing over there? I suppose they are arguing with each other.
2. ______________does your father close his shop? At 5 P.M. in the evening.
3. ______________do you go to shopping centre? My mom usually gives me a lift.
4. ______________ is that woman? She is my aunt.
5. ______________do you do at weekends? I usually stay at home.
D) Identify the tenses of the following sentences and match them in the box. (2×5= 10p)

1. He has been looking around for more than 10 minutes now. A.Past Tense
2. They are driving to Ankara to meet their relatives. B. Simple Present Tense
3. Obama familyis going to leave White House next year. C. Present Continuous Tense
4. Children are now playing hide-and-seek outside. D. Present Perfect Tense
5. Shops do not always open on Saturdays in this country. E. Future Tense
1_____ 2_____ 3_____ 4_____ 5_____

E) Read the sentences and fill in the blanks with either “for” or “since”. (2×5= 10p)

1. Jack used to have one sweet dog but he has not seen her __________ around six years now.
2. My mother has been cooking delicious food __________ his childhood because she loves it.
3. Fenerbahce have not lost any match in Super League __________ three weeks.
4. Our class has learnt a lot of new pronunciation rules __________ the beginning of this semester.
5. __________ one month, there has not been any progress in his situation.
F) Write the correct “–s, -es or –ies” formation of the following verbs. (1×10= 10p)

1. have / __________ 2. copy / __________
3. kiss / __________ 4. mix / __________
5. buzz / __________ 6. enjoy / __________
7. echo / __________ 8. crop / __________
9. match / __________ 10. flash / __________

G) Write the correct “–ing” formation of the following verbs. (1×10= 10p)

1. read / __________ 2. sit / __________
3. cook / __________ 4. like / __________
5. die / __________ 6. sleep / __________
7. tie / __________ 8. make / __________
9. agree / __________ 10. play / __________

H) Match the following words with their meanings. (2×10= 20p)

1. cook (v) a. in a particular manner
2. fetch (v) b.to prepare food and usually heat it
3. strange (adj) c.a group of musicians who play music together
4. marvellous (adj) d.to go to another place to get something or someone and bring them back
5. expensive (adj) e. something surprising because it is unusual or unexpected
6. administrative (adj) f.extremely good
7. particularly (adv) g. relating to the organization and management of something
8. expectation (n) h.relating to an area near you
9. local (adj) i. strong hopes or beliefs that something will happen
10. band (n) j.costing a lot of money

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